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Let's Begin Creating Together

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Our approach is simple. We capture each aspect about your business or special event closely and artistically, creating an authentic portrayal of what your customers can expect or how the event happened! We don't want to turn your business or event into a movie set. Instead, we will meticulously plan our time in a delicate way that harbors a joyful and productive experience, not overwhelming chaos. With our vision, we will capture the beauty of your business or event. Additionally, ask us about what we can do for your photography and social media marketing needs! 


Take a look at our creative process below:

Creative Process:

So you know what to expect.

Step 1: Contact us!


Simply fill out the contact form on our website and we will respond within a few hours. Make sure to give a brief synopsis on what you would like to create, how many videos you would like, and around the estimated time length you would want each video. If your inquiry is photography or social media marketing related, please make sure to mention that and our team will connect with you to see how we can help!


Alternatively, you can call or email our office during regular business hours. Click "contact" on the top menu to get started.

Step 2: Contract Process

Once we have our initial call and all questions regarding our shoot are answered, our office will send you a formal contract, including the set rate for your project and terms of service. Once the contract has been signed and sent back to us, we will begin with our pre-production process!

Step 3: Pre-Production

Here is when we will schedule you for the shoot date(s), in addition to: writing scripts, organizing shot lists, discussing your goals, acquiring any additional materials for post, and anything else needed before our planned shoot day.

Step 4: Your Shoot Day

Upon shoot day, we will arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled call time to set up necessary equipment needed for production. We will be on set for the determined time set in contract, and begin bringing your business to life with video!

Step 5: Post-Production

Editing is the last step where we will meticulously piece together our footage into a beautifully crafted and rendered 4K video or social media formatted edit. Editing usually takes 3-5 business days, but we strive to get you the final copy as soon as possible!​ Additionally, all edits come with one complimentary revision round.

Step 6: Share Your Masterpiece!

Your video is complete, now it's time to share and post! All of your customers, friends, and family will be impressed by your professionally crafted video, and watch your numbers, clients, and followers grow! Please make sure to tag @jkreativemediateam on Instagram & Facebook! We also greatly appreciate a review on Google or Yelp about your experience with us! 

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